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At Luma, we love getting into the nitty gritty of what works and what doesn’t for brands and ads. And if there is one aspect of advertising and branding that we know has a big impact, it’s casting! So we thought we would dive into what we know about celebrity casting.

One of the best ways to learn about celebrity casting has to be in the Holy Grail of Advertising Events the Super Bowl! Every year, big brands like Coca Cola, Bud Light, Netflix, Uber spend a hefty amount on casting celebrities for their ads, hoping to resonate with consumers and improve brand feelings.

It might seem relatively easy to cast a celebrity for your ads, but they don’t automatically guarantee cut through and positive brand feelings! So, what does it take to cast the right celebrities for your brand and your ads?


  1. Let's start with Likeability!

Although likeability isn’t everything, picking a celebrity who is well-liked by the brand’s consumer base is a good way to improve brand feelings and help people feel like the celebrity is relevant to the brand. As with every other aspect of our campaigns, we don’t want to alienate our target audience. The GM x Netflix crossover aired in Super Bowl 2023, which featured Will Ferrell and highlighted the use of GM electrical SUVs in Netflix shows going forward, was quite successful. Many people spontaneously mentioned Will Ferrell and how they like any ads he is in, thanks to his likeable and funny persona.


  1. They have to be relevant to your brand and the story your ad is telling

A case study we ran in 2022 for Uber Eats 'W Factor' showcased Simon Cowell judging the Wiggles' performance. While the research showed that people don't necessary like Cowell, he is famous for his talent judging so his casting alongside the Wiggles made sense! And people felt he was a good fit for that particular ad. 


  1. But how do you pick a celebrity that fits your brand?

When picking a celebrity, it’s important for brands to consider their public persona and how it aligns with their brand values and the intended message of their ad. The right celebrity fit can help significantly improve message takeout and brand feelings, but the wrong one will detract and distract consumers!

In our database of around 8,000 ads, the only ad to have ever gotten a perfect score on brand fit is Bud Light’s On Hold from Super Bowl 2023, featuring actor Miles Teller (Top Gun) and his wife, model Kaleigh Sperry, as they drink a Bud Light beer and dance to the generic hold music of a customer service line in their living room. The relatability of the situation and the fun tone of the ad helped the celebrity casting shine, and it was one of the best performing ads of this year.


  1. Lastly don’t write your ad around your celebrity!

Instead, make sure your casting fits your story. Celebrity casting is costly, so make sure you make the most of your investment! With a successful cast, you can make sure your advertising is effective, memorable, and shared around by friends and family.


We would love to hear your thoughts around celebrities in ads, and would love to share our case studies with you if you’re interested. So please get in touch!