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We absolutely love Christmas ads and helping our clients make sure they create advertising to grow their brands. Every year we run our special Christmas add+impact® study to provide insights to our clients and to see what we can learn. For the past 3 years, Australia Post has been best in class in Australia and Amazon, TK Maxx and John Lewis have taken the crown in the UK! So what can we learn from the best?

The most effective Christmas ads capture the spirit of the season, evoke emotions, resonate with the audience and importantly leave us with positive feelings about the brand. But it isn’t easy with so many retailers competing for our attention and a share of our spend. So what do we know about creating effective ads for Christmas? And what can we learn from the Christmas ads this year?


The best get emotional - Christmas is a time of strong emotions, and successful ads often tap into feelings of joy, nostalgia, love and generosity to ensure they are remembered and shared. The Amazon ad is a great example of this absolutely packed full of joy and nostalgia.


Be Inclusive – We don’t all celebrate or celebrate in the same way so representing various cultures, traditions, and backgrounds makes an ad feel more relatable to a diverse audience. Let’s face it, Christmas is a time for coming together, and ads that reflect inclusivity and diversity tend to resonate with a broader audience. Westfield did this really well and had one of the highest casting scores.


Tell a story - A compelling narrative can make an ad memorable. Whether it's a heartwarming story, a humorous plot, or a thought-provoking message, storytelling can engage viewers and create a connection with the brand. The Australia Post ad does this brilliantly and is one of the best of all time. Interestingly the two previous Australia Post Christmas ads also successfully told engaging, likeable stories that people can relate to. This year’s ad does particularly well with the casting of Santa as an Australia Post intern – a surprise factor that people find original, funny, and particularly likeable.


Shine on your brand - While Christmas ads often tell a story beyond their product or service, the best Christmas ads still align with the brand's values and message. The brand needs to be seamlessly integrated into the narrative and the visuals. The Target ad does this really well by linking the brand with the story, the audio and the message.


Make it memorable - A great Christmas ad is one that viewers remember long after the holidays are over. Whether through catchy jingles, memorable characters, or a unique twist, creating something that stands out is crucial. The Telstra ad does this brilliantly.


Be authentic - Authenticity is always important. Ads that feel genuine and sincere are more likely to connect with audiences. The Rebel ad tells the story of a son helping his mother achieve her running goals with the gift of runners and emotional support throughout her training – an authentic story that people can relate to, feel inspired by, and believe in.


We would love to share our Christmas 2023 case studies with you, so please get in touch!