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We are just one week away from the most amazing advertising extravaganza of the year that is Super Bowl (well it is actually a sports game, but we care more about the ads)…and we are so excited.

So too are the brands who are spending the whopping US$7m to advertise during the big game that many of them have already pre-released their ad or are dropping teasers (I was reflecting about how no one really does teasers anymore except for Super Bowl advertisers).

With the chance to reach over 112M viewers on the day of the game, those who have a spot during the big game have the chance to connect with audiences before and after Super Bowl to ensure they get their ROI on their huge media spend.

Super Bowl is as much a PR opportunity as it is about advertising. As we have seen in the past, brands will use every trick they can to get their ads talked about, shared and viewed. This might include using celebrities, stunts, QR codes, give aways, you name it, they’ve done it.

So it is interesting to see what the brands are up to this year. Spoiler Alert - here is a sneak preview of a few of the ads that have already dropped…but stay tuned as there will be more to come!

Based on this selection, it looks like celebrities will be out in force again this year. From past years we have seen that around a third of Super Bowl advertisers choose to use celebrities to help their ad stand out.

So what else will we see? I guess we’ll all have to wait and see…just 7 sleeps to go!

Luma will be conducting our annual Research study on the Super Bowl ads, so stay tuned for our review in a week or so. We’ll then have an insights deck available if you and the team are interested, let us know and we can share it with you.