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We keep hearing a lot about the 'Next' Normal, but what does it really mean and how does it affect marketing in Australia?

We have discussed how the path out of Covid19 features a greater sense of community, and how local brands and products will be the focus for most businesses. We wanted to find out exactly how important supporting local business is for Australian consumers and how marketing should adapt accordingly. We also wanted to understand how attitudes change from state to state when there are varying degrees of lockdown.

We tested two Australian campaigns, Australian Made and Tourism Australia There's Still Nothing Like Australia. We investigated how consumers feel about a revived focus on Australian messages, and whether this theme should be adopted by other brands.

There's Still Nothing Like Australia encourages viewers to travel locally by showcasing iconic landscapes, the ad helps to endorse local businesses to tourists.


Australian made focuses primarily on Australian manufacturers and agricultural growers. Promoting the industries as they continue to lead the way to Australia's recovery.


Bonding - Brand Feelings

Our research indicates that placing emphasis on Australian business' helps to drive strong positive feelings. While cut-through and message takeout were both high, it is the emotional response that is most striking. 

Both ads present a combination of strong emotional reactions and a clear, rational understanding of why buying Australian-made products and local tourism is important.

We measured people's feelings using our add+impact metrics. The results are measured out of 10, ads that perform above 6 are considered effective.

Both ads have extremely high bonding scores. Focusing on local businesses helps to drive strong positive feelings - the ideas are relevant and relatable. And on a rational level, the message is considered new and something that sets us apart from others and cements our faith and trust in Australia.

These strong brand feelings are reflected in viewers' intention to follow through. Tourism Australia inspired an incredible 84% of viewers to travel within Australia in the near future. While travel is a positively motivated outcome, this is an incredibly high figure for viewers who are for the most part pessimistic about their future. A fifth indicated that they currently fear for their future and half are only feeling OK according to our June COVID Insights Study in June 2020. Our Australian Made study similarly found 79% of Australians will look to buy Australian brands as of June 2020.

The 'Next' Normal is a local first economy, with consumers looking to do their part for local brands. Brands that include this in their advertising will gain significantly more respect and interest from consumers. Brands should also keep in mind that each state is experiencing varying degrees of Covid19, and should be treated as such. Blanket advertising across the states will have less impact locally.

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