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Here's to the mothers who make the world go round.  

This Mother's Day will be unlike any other. Families are separated, loved ones apart - yet we can't let that stop us from cherishing our mothers. In these difficult times, we need to make sure everyone feels loved.

Our research shows that people are looking for human connections, and want to see ads reflect this and empathise with our current situation. But they also want to be uplifted and reminded of the positive things in life - like a mother's love.

Some creative brands have cleverly launched Mother's Day ads that touch on our current situation with COVID-19. Here are some of our favourites. They all tell a beautiful story in an emotional way - get your tissues ready, there are some tear-jerkers!

Teleflora 'A Mother's Love'



Hallmark "Dear Mom"


McDonald's 'McDonalds: Cravings'


Tesco 'Tesco Mother's Day 2020'


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