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With lockdowns in place due to Coronavirus, Victorians cannot travel to regional areas of the state and this has massive economic consequences for small businesses and producers. Victorians are also missing the pleasure of a road trip, buying some unique products and having an adventure.

To get around this, Visit Victoria has just launched a clever new e-commerce platform called Click for Vic. The new platform is designed to encourage Victorians to buy local produce to support struggling businesses across the state. Such a great idea!

The new marketplace website is being supported by a fully integrated campaign including TV, print, radio and digital elements.

We wanted to play a part in this initiative and to understand the community response to the idea so conducted some research on the new TVC.



The response to the campaign is strong - in fact, the advertising is amongst the top quarter of our 8000+ ads tested globally. The creative is engaging and the message is compelling.

The beautiful images and Victorian business people featured are likeable and the ad flows well and is easy to understand. The footage of quality regional products available consistently peaked viewers' interest throughout the entire ad. A third claimed they would share this ad online.

The message is clear and resonates. Almost 90% of viewers understood the ad was trying to encourage people to support local businesses by buying Victorian produce.

The ad generates positive feelings about the Click for Vic platform and the businesses it is supporting. The message is highly relevant and something Victorians feel they can readily relate to. And rationally, the platform is seen as something new and different. It leaves people feeling motivated to do their part.

An added bonus of this campaign is it generates interest in visiting all these places once restrictions end.  

A really clever solution to the unusual situation we are in. It brings the road trip into people's homes.

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