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More and more brands are taking a higher order brand purpose, so at the 2019 Super Bowl we asked people what they thought...
Super Bowl Insights

We know it is important that your ads leave people feeling good. Our research shows that feelings account for around 68% of purchase intent. To delve deeper into this insight, we tested 32 ads as this year's Super Bowl, 12 of which took on a higher brand purpose.

Here is what we found...

  • 61% Agree that it's important for Brands to take a stand on social issues - the level of agreement to this question rose to 69% when people had just seen an ad with brand purpose.

  • 39% Agree that companies should provide ongoing support for issues that align with the products and services they offer

  • 23% Agree that companies should support issues that are currently in the news

  • 29% Agree that ads that talk about current issues are more appealing

  • 29% Agree that they are fed up with ads about social issue

These four brand purpose ads were all above the 'effectiveness' line...

 Google - Billion Words - #2 on the effectiveness Scoreboard

Verizon -the coach - #6 on the effectiveness Scoreboard


Google - Veterans - #7 on the effectiveness Scoreboard


Microsoft - #8 on the effectiveness Scoreboard


Google had two higher-purpose ads in the 2019 Super Bowl, and this is reflected in their bonding scores...


Here is some more research on Higher Brand Purpose Marketing...

Millennial's and Brand-Purpose

Purpose-led brands are appealing to millennial's. An online study by PR firm Weber Shandwick found almost half of millennial's (47%) believe CEO's have a responsibility to take a stand on an important societal issue. Additionally, just over half (51%) indicated they would be more likely to buy from a company which has taken a stand on an important issue.


Toms 'One for One' initiative is a prime example of successful higher-purpose branding. For every purchase of a Toms shoes or glasses, a pair is donated to a child in need from one of 70 countries. The campaign was pushed through social media, college campus promotions and interactive events. There was tremendous buzz within this segment, and in less than 10 years Toms had skyrocketed to a $625 million brand.

A more recent campaign that featured higher-purpose marketing was Gillette's 2019 commercial - 'the best a man can get'. While bonding was effective over all age groups, is scored significantly higher with millennial's, and decreased in effectiveness over age. The ad tackles a very timely and present issue which sparked passionate feedback. Insights were firmly in the positive, with well over half the respondents saying they would consider Gillette. Again, consideration was significantly higher in the millennial age bracket compared to Xers or Boomers.


We hope you enjoyed these insights, see our Website for more!