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While the Rams and the Patriots had one of the lowest-scoring NFL championships in history, the 2019 Super Bowl ads made one of the most competitive years to date.

Every year, Luma completes an in-depth analysis of ads aired during the game, and this year we measured a hefty 34 ads.

As usual, Luma saw a distinctive breakdown of what ads made the audience click. The ones that caught consumers' minds and hearts must cover strong casting, storytelling, relevant message, and most importantly, leave a positive feeling about the brand.

With our add+impact methodology, we have measured audience Attention, Bonding, Branding and Take-out to find the most successful ads. This research is vital for brands who are dedicating over $5 million of their media spend to merely buying their 30-second slot for the big game. On top of this, millions are spent on production, celebrity cameos, music rights, etc.

Below, we have provided a taste of our research: the most effective in terms of Cut-Through and Bonding from the 2019 game. 


In our research, we have found which celebrities resonate with audiences, which brands show effective diversity in their messages, and which music appealed to listeners... contact us for more information on our Super Bowl studies!