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Humanizing Tech

A rising trend in the technology advertising industry is to 'humanize' the tech. In a world increasingly dominated but communication technologies, and the introduction of AI on the horizon, it is important that people feel they can trust technology. Controversial events such as the Cambridge Analytica case in 2018, have shaken people's faith in technology and privacy. These ads bring the message back to a more personal level for consumers. It paints technology as an enhancement to our lives rather than a dominant force that controls them.

Whirlpool: Care Counts

By initiating a philanthropic cause, Whirlpool is successfully re-humanizing what could be a lifeless category. The advert took a typically dry and bothersome chore (washing), and made it into a story that reflects the impact their brand has had on lives of consumers, specifically children who's families are unable to afford washing. Providing a meaningful message and inspirational cause has not only proven to be beneficial for the effected community, but also a successful advertising strategy in the washing machine industry (see #SharetheLoad and its impact on domestic duties in Indian families). Such a strong creative message has a high cut-through rate in the cluttered technology environment.

Apple: Earth - Shot on iPhone

Smartphones give people the ability to see and interact with the world in a completely new way. The photo documentary of crisp clips by regular iPhone users, is enhanced by the calming voice of astronomer Carl Sagan. The consumer feels as if they are looking in on a world shot through apple technology - and it is beautiful - and at risk.

The background to the ad made it extremely timely and politically relevant consumers. It was made in retaliation of President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Environmental Agreement in 2017.

The ad features excerpts from Sagan's Pale Blue Dot, "there is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to where our species could migrant." Inspiring kindness among "each other" (humans) is an inspiring message from one of the worlds leading tech corporations. This is a new kind of message form apple, one that was reinforced by PR - Apple CEO Tim Cook has publicly criticized the white house not to withdraw from the Paris Agreement (June 2017).

GE: What Matters

GE brings their technology back to the meaning it has on individuals lives. Rising hysteria over multinational brands misusing the private information of their customers has degraded trust in technology. By bringing their brand back to the consumer, the multinational brand is re-positioning their idea of technology at a more personal experience. Consumers must feel an affinity with the brand in order for the add to cut-through effectively.