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Technology has made communications faster and smoother than ever before, yet it seems like true friends are becoming harder and harder to find! However, the need for human friendship remains as fundamental as ever. Sometimes we lose sight of this. This insight has been the foundation of many of our favourite ads over the past few months – take a look at some of them: 

Speights – “The Dance”




This ad beautifully sidesteps many well-worn beer ad clichés, while still capturing that classic irreverent sense of humour stemming from the central male friendship. This humour is skilfully played in conjunction with the distinctive backtrack, which encourages ad view-through by the audience. The use of this distinctive track brings the ad to life in the last 30 seconds, leaving a lasting positive impression on the viewer. Positive endings are essential for ad recall and positive brand attitudes.

Pedigree – “Human Guides”


Pedigree takes a heart-warming look at our unique relationship with man’s best friend. This piece celebrates the loyalty and commitment shown by the owners of blind dogs, proving the very best relationship should be a two-way street. As if the touching message wasn’t enough, the music in this ad will play at the audience’s heartstrings. If your heart doesn’t melt at this, something must be wrong!

Campaign to End Loneliness – “Be More Us”


This final ad shares an extremely important message – that new friends are simply a conversation away! The Campaign to End Loneliness aims to celebrate the small moments of connection that can bring everyone closer together, and this ad perfectly encapsulates that. Plus, how cute are those kids!

If you enjoyed these ads, make sure you stay tuned for our next post. The next blog will be focusing on similar themes and meaningful messages.