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Playing on our Heart Strings

There are so many advertisements we come across every single day. But, how many of them do you actually remember? Here at Luma, we believe one of the best ways to get your ads noticed is to connect to your audience’s feelings. Have a look at some of these ads that really get in touch with human connection. Grab a tissue! You may need one!

L’Oreal – Signs of Pride

In our society, inclusion and diversity is becoming more and more relevant in all parts of the world. L’Oreal USA shares four unique stories of employees and their reasons for marching at Pride NYC. By sharing personal and inspiring stories with each other, the ad captures the genuine atmosphere of L’Oreal and evokes happiness in the viewer.

American Family Insurance – Road trip

A beautiful story of a brother going on a solo road trip to capture amazing experiences for his sister. The connection between siblings is unmatched, that means keeping each other’s dreams alive no matter what. This ad’s inspirational ending is essential to connecting the audience with positive brand feelings.

Coca-Cola – House Rules

Coca-Cola strikes our heart strings with this ad by highlighting the different values behind each household. A light-hearted advertisement to remind our viewers of their own unique “house rules” by focusing on the affection of day-to-day family moments. This ad gets the top score for nostalgia. There is a familiar scene in this for everyone, a trip down memory lane.