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Holidays, anyone?

While the rest of the world put away their sunnies and start heading indoors, Australia is waking up to blooming flowers and warmer spring days. The time has come to get outside and see what’s on offer!

Evidently, tourism boards feel the same way, with several new campaigns hitting our screens recently showcasing the best Australia has to offer. On top of this, with international tourism on the rise, campaigns are targetting foreign markets in order to spread the Australian travel bug worldwide. Check out some of our favourites below:

Visit Victoria – “Your Happy Space”

In a campaign aimed at encouraging Melbournians to leave the city behind them, Visit Victoria present “Your Happy Space”, a glowing depiction of some stunning destinations scattered around Victoria. This ad reminds us that your next holiday destination may be closer than you think!

South Australian Tourism Commission – “State of Wonder”

They’ve always done things a little differently in South Australia, and their most recent offering is no different. The “State of Wonder” campaign kicked off with a TVC debuting during the AFL Grand Final, showing off South Australia’s pristine nature, exciting activities and beautiful wildlife. But that’s not all - the campaign continues with a 5-day live-stream of a journey through South Australia – check it out below if you want to see exactly where you’d rather be!

Tourism Australia - "Dundee"

On the international stage, Tourism Australia launched their high profile Superbowl ad in February this year. This innovative ad passes itself off as a trailer for a Crocodile Dundee sequel until around two thirds of the way through, when its true purpose is revealed. This fun creative ranked as the most effective ad we tested in our 2018 Superbowl study – check it out below and take a look at our Case Study to find out why it did so well!

New Zealand Tourism - "Off the Map"

Crossing the Tasman Sea, New Zealand has also been busy, this time using its unique sense of humour as a major selling point. In this very funny piece, New Zealand PM Jacinda Arden and comedian Rhys Darby are featured trying to get to the bottom of why the island nation keeps getting left off world maps. Light, fluffy and even a bit silly, this piece leaves people laughing and wanting to learn more about the destination that is 'hidden from the world'.