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Ads for Dads: Some of our favourite Father's Day advertising

Father’s Day has come around once again - that one day a year we show all the dads and father figures in our lives the unconditional love and support they deserve! Brands in 2018 have used the celebration to remind us exactly why Father's Day is so important, as well as offer a few handy hints on how to show your appreciation! Check them out:

Busch – “Father's Day Surprise”

It can sometimes be hard knowing what to get dad on Father’s Day. Imagine if dad spelt it out for you?! Busch celebrates hard-working, loyal dads by helping one dad spread the word about what he wants this Father’s Day. Let’s get dad what he really wants this Father’s Day!

Stockland – “Dad. A small word for a big job.”

This ad from Australian real estate group Stockland sheds light on the million and one things dads do for their kids. We love how it uses music to enhance the ad's imagery and symbollism, resulting in a powerfully emotional ad.

Lagavulin - "Father's Day, Round Three: Like Father, Like Son"

This minute long spot from Scottish whiskey-maker Lagavulin features everyone's favourite "man's man" Nick Offerman working through some everyday chores. Despite the humdrum premise, the ad has a surprising turn of humour typical of Offerman's past collaborations with Lagavulin. The ad is a perfect fit between celebrity and brand: you might recognise Offerman from his role in Parks & Recreation, where his character Ron Swanson's drink of choice was...you guessed it!