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Creativity takes center stage in these new tech ads

2018 has seen some spectacular ads hitting our screens, and unsurprisingly some of our favourites have come from the big tech brands! Take a look at how these brands find creative new ways to showcase their technology whilst keeping audiences engaged and interested…

Oculus Go – “Open Your Eyes”

A beautiful ad that perfectly captures the essence of Oculus’ ground-breaking technology. What's more, this inspirational creative does a fantastic job of building that all-important emotional connection with the Oculus brand.

Amazon Alexa – “Alexa Loses Her Voice”

Amazon’s “Alexa Loses Her Voice” was one of our favourite ads from this years Superbowl. In Luma's annual Superbowl ad test, it scored well across both our Attention and Bonding metrics, performing particularly well in casting and humour (to be expected with such a star-studded lineup of celebs!) However, what we really loved was despite the plethora of big personalities, there was still room for Alexa to be the true hero of the ad!

Apple iPhone X – “Memory”

And finally, this ad from Apple may be the most innovative of the lot! By undercutting tension with some well-timed humour, Apple finds a creative way to showcase the iPhone X’s facial recognition software whilst keeping us engaged. Bravo!