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Luma Loves Superbowl 2018

February 4th 2018. The snacks were out, living rooms were full and TV’s were tuned into the 52nd Superbowl. On the field, the Patriots and Eagles slugged it out with the Eagles the ultimate victors, while a different type of battle was taking place on screens with 54 brands all trying to get noticed and cut through the clutter with audiences.

Each year, Luma analyses a selection of Superbowl ads using our add+impact methodology and 2018 was no exception. 27 Superbowl ads were tested in just 2 days with US audiences!

On a day when brands battle for the hearts and minds of consumers with their large media spend, we found that only around half of the ads tested were effective overall.

The ads that hit the creative brief had great storytelling, strong casting, had something relevant to say, a consistent brand feel and ultimately, left consumers feeling positive about the brand. Some of the ads ticked only a few of these boxes, others, a few more. The most successful had a combination of all four and scored well on Attention, Brand Bonding, Message takeout and Branding.

Take a look at our video and please get in touch if you’d like more detailed info!