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Last week we released a blog urging brands to keep advertising for long-term growth. This article builds on this - providing critical insights on what content brands should be advertising. We know most brands have gone through a frustrating and devastating few months with little certainty about the future. Luma is providing valuable insights from our research to help us all get through these tough times, stay tuned for more insights and keep moving forward.

Advertising during a crisis is crucial but it is a real challenge to get it right. Here are some insights from our research that will help your advertising deliver the results you need.

Positive Messages and Positive Feelings

How you manage your company during difficult times reflects your brand substantially more than during the best of times. It is vital brands build the trust and respect of both their shareholders and employees. The most effective way to do so is to maintain a positive brand message and build positive brand feelings.

Our research has shown the importance of engagement and empathy during this time…


There is evidence to suggest that people want to be engaged. Our April 2020 Pandemic Study found that 62% in the USA feel that brands should continue to advertise as normal during COVID-19. The same study found people currently respond best to ads that reference belonging, and community involvement and are highly relatable. In some ways, they want a sense of normalcy and distraction from the anxiety they are facing.

Show Empathy

Try to leave people with positive feelings and show that you understand what they are going through. Focus on uplifting messages and emotional responses. Don’t just state what you are doing, illustrate it and let people be part of it.

Our Pandemic Study found that 60% in the USA said that they want brands to show they understand what I am feeling...

We also know that 45% expect businesses to step up and help tackle COVID-19 along with governments (Source: WARC Edelman Trust & Coronavirus).

Budwiser 'One Team' does this well and highlights the contribution they are making to the cause


For more examples of an ad that:

Things to avoid!

Some final advice on what NOT to put in your advertising.

It is essential to stay away from any advertising that doesn't address the effects of a health crisis - for instance do not show scenes of large parties, gatherings or crowds cheering as people can't relate to that anymore. It sends the wrong message.

Re-think existing marketing plans that were already made. It is hard to put your hard work aside but these are delicate times and brands need to be extra cautious of what content they are releasing.

KEEP LOOKING TO THE FUTURE! This will be over one day and brands that have been planning ahead will come out on top.

Stay tuned for more insights this week - including a blog that tackles the complex question of using humour in advertising during COVID-19. See more blogs and insights on our website.